DSCF3412My first and deepest writing love is fantasy. I have profound respect for writers who can set their stories in the real world and carry me away into their stories, but as a teen, especially, the real world was a place I wanted to escape from. Fantasy offers the chance for bigger-than-life heroes and villains, epic stages for the struggle between good and evil, and worlds where magic works. Archetypes play out in their pages, satisfying my yearning to truly understand what makes us all tick. I’ve always wanted to be able to work some true magic, and writing is the closest I’ve come to making that happen.

Fantasy’s not the only flavor I love, though. Over the years I’ve read widely, and also tried my hand at writing romance, mainstream, young adult, adult, and science fiction. My main focus is novel-length fiction, though I’ve published several short stories and poems. I wrote an introduction to dream reading, The Newcomer’s Guide to the Invisible Realm: A Journey through Dreams, Metaphor, and Imagination. I also indulge my love of metaphor and the sound of language in poetry. Check out my published work at Books & Stories and my blog at First Church of Metaphor.