Juxtaprise Creative Writing

What’s Juxtaprise?

A creative prompt where we put diverse ideas together, then witness the often surprising result as we see where our minds take us. Human minds are wired to seek connections between things. The more diverse the things are the more our minds try creative ideas we wouldn’t have found otherwise.

I use random words and phrases, visual images, music, and other prompts to tap into our creative energies. We’ll juxtapose various words to create surprising new associations. The emphasis will be on process, rather than product, as we regard these creative expressions as waking dreams. As always in Laura’s classes, the rules are set in play dough, so come prepared to have fun!

What do participants say?

“This was so much fun. The exercises were creative and stimulating. Laura established a safe haven for sharing our work with one another. I was surprised at how much depth I could get out of a simple exercise.” Kim Hansen

“I’ve never considered myself a writer—this was fun and Laura’s activities and prompts made ideas flow easily. Great class to do with friends!” Rita

“Laura offers a good class, the space is warm and open, the exercises were fun and safe. I felt the feedback was encouraging and the group of us all enjoyed ourselves.” Roz S.

“I loved the variety of exercises and the ‘just-do-it’ part of writing, something I rarely do unless I just can’t sleep and have to put my thoughts on paper. I liked all the exercises. I like thinking differently.” Kathy

“My hidden writer finally had a focused, fun environment in which to raise her head. Laura’s exercises pull the words from your mind. Great fun and the most I’ve laughed in a long time.”Anne Schardt