Laura Deal tells traditional, original, and personal tales to children and adults. You can hear her stories on YouTube, the Story Story Podcast, the Apple Seed on BYU Radio, and her CDs, The Diffendaffer Taffy Cafe and Other Stories and Simple, Clever, and Wise. Laura is a 2022 Chautauqua Scholar through a grant from Humanities North Dakota. She has appeared on stages (in person and online) across the U.S., and has taught writing classes for over a decade. She’s the author of The Newcomer’s Guide to the Invisible Realm: A Journey through Dreams, Metaphor, and Imagination, and Marbles: New and Collected Poems.

Full Storytelling Resume and other profile photos available upon request.

Storytelling Coaching for Individuals and Businesses

Laura teaches the structure of story, the value of story to bring us together, and how to develop your own story for enhancing your business or sharing your truth on stage. Contact Laura and let her know what you need!

20-30 Minute Programs for Birthday Parties (kids and grown-ups)!

As the mom of two grown daughters, Laura has hosted a lot of kids’ birthday parties, and knows that it helps to plan a bit of quieter, focused time. Story time is a great way to settle and focus excited kids. Laura draws on the rich story traditions of cultures from all over the world, as well as some original stories. She can tailor her program if your party has a specific theme. Available on the Colorado Front Range, Denver to Fort Collins.

Laura Deal storytelling to kindergarten students

In addition to her professional career, Laura tells folk tales and fairy tales to children in schools as a Spellbinders volunteer. Through Spellbinders, Laura received training to develop age-appropriate programs for children and adults.  

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