Through First Church of Metaphor, I’ll be publishing Tim Shea’s book A Day Like Any Other in early December. Check out the beautiful cover, and if you’re interested in a signed copy, please order by November 4, 2015.

A Day Like Any Other cover final wo line


What do these people have in common?

A little girl singing the alphabet in a Laundromat

A man who played in the minors with Jackie Robinson

An Iraq War veteran recovering from wounds and addiction

You’ll find them all in A Day Like Any Other. The fifty tales in this collection will lead you down America’s by-ways and into her cities, where Tim Shea finds inspiration, humor, and beauty in everyday experiences.

Whether he’s telling stories about his kids, his parents, or total strangers, Tim offers snapshots of life in the U.S.A. and a look at the world through the lens of his generous heart. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let Tim tell you some All American Tales.

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