When I’m feeling discouraged about goals not yet met or a piece of writing that isn’t going well, I can easily lose that mood if I pick up the camera. Color and texture fascinate me, so when I was making beeswax candles for gifts last winter, I held up the beeswax to the light and knew I had to take a photo. Six has always been a lucky number, so hexagons appeal to me, and the color of the wax shone brightly where the light came though. I put the photos in a file I’ve been gathering with other artistic endeavors in mind.

Months later, Cheryl Reifsnyder was helping me get this website up and we tried several images for the banner, but nothing really jumped until I remembered my “textures” file. Once we saw it, we knew this was the one to use. It speaks to my love of honeybees, my habit of grabbing my camera when interesting images appear, and my love of sixes and colors and light. I hope it brings you joy!

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