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As you may have heard, Story Story Podcast is on Haitus for the time being, since my beloved friend, Rachel Ann Harding, is deeply into new creative work which will absorb her time for the foreseeable future. Luckily for all the folks who love storytelling, you can still listen to the many, many episodes produced since 2016. You could start anywhere and fall in love, finding storytellers with wide and deep repertoires, as well as some of us who jumped into this river a little later in life. It’s an amazing place, and I will drop some breadcrumbs below to lead you in.

Cover art for Episode One of the Story Story Podcast, with an illustration of a pair of humans surrounded by the wee fairy folk.

You can start with Episode One: Tales from the Other Crowd and hear Liz Weir and Clare Murphy, two of my early favorites in the storytelling world. I first heard them at the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado, and used to listen and think, “I should be doing that.” And now I am, thanks in no small part to Rachel Ann Harding’s friendship and dedication to the art of traditional storytelling.

Episode aired on May 25, 2016
Story Story Podcast's art for Episode Thirty, showing children watching a giant stride by with large club on his shoulder.

Check out Episode Thirty: Tales on Tiptoe and hear my debut on the podcast with “The Diffendaffer Taffy Cafe.” Rachel Ann Harding thought this tall tale would pair nicely with “Moses of the Mountains” told by the ever-astonishing Adam Booth, and I like to think she was right! This episode led to befriending Adam and hosting him in my home for a house concert. I am such a lucky storyteller!

Episode aired on September 13, 2017
Story Story Podcast title card art for Episode 39, featuring a woman in old fashioned clothes, asleep.

One of my long-time favorite stories to tell is on Episode Thirty-nine–a retold version of the Japanese tale “The Man Who Bought a Dream,” reset in Colorado in the late 1800s with a main character named Tex. My story is paired here with Liz Weir telling “The Peddler of Ballaghaderreen.” Both of these stories are classified in the ATU type 1645: The Treasure at Home discovered through a dream.

Episode aired on February 7, 2018

I didn’t get to meet Cindy Rivka Marshall in person until March of 2023 at the Women’s Storytelling Festival, but we “met” in Story Story Podcast’s episode Do You Trust Me? I tell “The Emperor’s Flowers” and Cindy tells “The Tale of the Trusty Tiger.”

Episode aired September 12, 2018

The Live and Let Live episode featured two Lauras! I was honored to have my version of “Sticky, Sticky Pine” paired with master storyteller Laura Simms telling “Otter and Moon.”

Episode aired May 22, 2019

Do you love Nasruddin stories? Eleven storytellers contributed to the episode The Foolish Wise Man Returns, with short tales of this ancient folk character from Persia.

Episode aired February 13, 2019
Title art for Story Story Podcast's Episode of Jack Tales with host Isabelle Hauser with an illustration of a two-headed giant looking at a valiant young man with short sword.

How about this episode of Jack Tales? I had the delight to have my One-Eyed Jack story paired with the brilliant Tim Lowry telling “Soldier Jack.” See what I mean about being lucky?

Episode aired on January 26 2022

Oh my! “The Diffendaffer Taffy Cafe” makes its second appearance, this time with the delightful Marie Robertson telling  “The Flying Bathtub” on the episode Tales with a Little Truth!

Episode aired on November 9, 2022

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