Fairy Tale Variations: Little Red Riding Hood!

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“Go straight to Grandma’s and do not step off the path . . . “
Let Stories with Spirit and our dear friends bring you a tale both familiar and strange. Six storytellers will perform six very different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. From the fairy tale classic to the modern. Hear the story from every character’s perspective.

Next to Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood is perhaps the most well known folk story in the world. Come with us down the path of pins and the path of needles. Cooper Braun and Rachel Ann Harding are so happy to welcome four new tellers to our virtual stage. Cooper grew up on the stories of Laura Simms , who will bring to light the story of the wolf. Kristin Pedemonti tells tales of awesome female power, and this story is no exception. Jo Radner shows how stories beget stories. And Laura Deal will show you a version of the huntsman you never expected.

Tickets to this Zoom show are free, and you’ll be invited to offer “What you can/what you think it was worth” after the show.  This is an Adults Only show. Some of these stories will be very dark retellings, and we recommend this show to only those over 18 years of age. A Q&A with the tellers will follow the show, and a recording will be sent to all ticket holders if you can’t attend live.

For this show, we’re exploring variations of Little Red Riding Hood, and I’m delighted to be sharing the Zoom stage with friends from the Before Times as well as storytellers I’ve come to know in the Zoomiverse. It’s going to be a fascinating evening! The story I’ll be telling has Ann and Cooper as god-parents, for it was consecutive conversations with each of them that gave me the inspiration for a new One-Eyed Jack story.

I hope you can join us on Saturday, February 26, at 6 p.m. MST, for Stories With Spirits’ Fairy Tale Variations series, or if you can’t, you’ll be curious enough to get a ticket for the recording. If you’ve already gotten a ticket, thank you!

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