Today I was able to celebrate the accomplishments of a dear friend of mine. They weren’t public achievements, but personal, as she’s found her way (with the help of dream reading) through a great ocean of grief and is emerging into a new, wiser, woman. The event reminded me that I’m happy to be here, on the planet, with so many dear friends who are taking their personal journeys seriously, with conscious attention to what motivates their actions.

Please join me in cheering on those who’ve walked through the depths and have found their way to greater understanding.

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2 thoughts on “Happy to be here”

  1. This sort of story always encourages me…it’s hard to remember that we’re journeying to greater wisdom and grace when in the midst of the shadows, isn’t is? Thanks for sharing this!

    Speaking of sharing–I think you should share the story of the banner image on your site. It’s such a lovely example of how you find symbols and relationships in everyday life, and use them to create greater meaning in your writing (and website, in this case!)

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