Laura K. Deal

Photo credit: Kevin Raeder

I’m a storyteller, writer, dream reader, and teacher with a wide variety of artistic and social interests. I love the use of juxtaposition of images and words to shake loose creative energy. I tell stories to children and adults.

You can find my storytelling and writing work here, and also check out my dream work site First Church of Metaphor!

Promotional flier for Little Red Riding Hood Storytelling show, with images of a little girl in a red cloak and a wolf.

Fairy Tale Variations: Little Red Riding Hood!

Check out the Event Page on Facebook: Ticketing Page: “Go straight to Grandma’s and do not step off the path . . . “Let Stories

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Introductory Dream Workshop

Artists Standing Strong Together presents Monday Night Workshops – The Teacher Within:  An Introduction to the Meaning of Dreams, an online workshop conducted by Laura Deal; Monday,

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