Laura K. Deal

Photo credit: Mark Stevens

I’m a storyteller, writer, dream reader, and teacher with a wide variety of artistic and social interests. I love the use of juxtaposition of images and words to shake loose creative energy. I tell stories to children and adults.

I also edit and publish non-fiction and poetry, and I offer Juxtaprise Writing Classes and dream interpretation (one-on-one and groups).

A Day Like Any Other

Through First Church of Metaphor, I’ll be publishing Tim Shea’s book A Day Like Any Other in early December. Check out the beautiful cover, and if

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Beeswax Banner

When I’m feeling discouraged about goals not yet met or a piece of writing that isn’t going well, I can easily lose that mood if

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Happy to be here

Today I was able to celebrate the accomplishments of a dear friend of mine. They weren’t public achievements, but personal, as she’s found her way

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